Inside the Music Department

Furman University has a well renowned music program. According the the music department‘s website, Furman has “one of the best and most comprehensive in the nation among liberal arts colleges.” It has ten different areas of study and offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in music.

The program offers concerts and events for other students and the community so the music students can showcase their talents. The department offers a wide range of classes including theory, music education, and performance, and even offers study abroad programs.

Furman’s music department seems to be a relatively popular area of study from my perspective, likely because I am so heavily involved with music and happen to be friends with many students who are part of the department. But when I talked to a student who’s major lies in the music department, she seemed to have a different perspective.

Destiny Meadows is a sophomore clarinet performance major. Courtesy of Mary Kate Frey

Destiny Meadows is a sophomore clarinet performance major.
Courtesy of Mary Kate Frey

Destiny Meadows is a sophomore who’s is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music as a clarinet performance major.

It was Destiny’s intention to follow her musical passion into college ever since she began her college search. She knew she wanted to audition into a music program. As someone who thrives off close relationships and praise, Destiny decided a smaller school was best for her. She loves feeling like a big fish in a small pond at Furman.

Destiny started her music career at the age of nine. With a father who plays piano and a mother who plays the viola, Destiny was destined, pardon the pun, to become a musician.

In Destiny’s years in elementary school, the band program came to recruit young students to play instruments. They told Destiny a career in music would be fun and lucrative. This coupled with her budding love of music sealed the deal on her decision to take up the clarinet.

Between 5th and 6th grade, she noticed her skill level was a little more developed than her peers and she just kept improving and widening the gap between her and her classmates. Despite her obvious innate talent getting discovered early on, it wasn’t until her first year of high school that she started considering a career in music.

In the future, Destiny is thinking of going to grad school, maybe law school. She wants to go into music copywriting. Another option for Destiny is to attempt a solo career and then teach later in life.


Destiny believes she made the right choice in coming to Furman because it is a program that focuses on the individual, not a large group. According to Destiny, “here you have a private instructor and they’re here for you and know you.” She says it is a big, professional, conservatory level feel in a small school.

From the perspective of a Furman music major, the music department “has limited influence on campus.” Destiny also mentions she has been on many Furman tours and music is not given enough recognition. The tours have limited information on the music program and the tours only cover music in student organizations.

In contrast, Destiny acknowledges the music scene surrounding Furman and in unstructured ways in the social lives of Furman students. Some ways Furman experiences various music genres are though the Greenville Jazz Collective, latin jazz, swing dance events, hip hop and country music at social events, and, of course, the classical and jazz music practiced by the Furman music department.

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